Zombie Gunpocalypse

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About the Game

Zombie Gunpocalypse - Zombie killing puzzle game with plenty of intelligent puzzles and fun moments. The main feature and the focus of the game is precision. You've probably played tons of mobile games with similar design, but Zombie Gunpocalypse has plenty of extra stuff to offer. You'll have to beat the current maps to unlock more. While not limited in time, there are other limiting factors such as ammo and more. You'll have to be observant and patient to figure out how to clear levels. New weapons can be unlocked and switched during the game anytime. good luck and have fun.

How to Play

Mouse to Look and Shoot

WASD to Move

Good Luck / Have Fun

Zombie Gunpocalypse Game
Zombie Gunpocalypse, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating