Zombie Mission 5

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About the Game

Zombie Mission 5 - The reason you're here right now, is because you're enjoy the Zombie Mission series. Also it seems you've managed to completed previous games and that is admirable. Not to worry though, if you beat the 5th game, you still got 1 more game left - Zombie Mission 6, and more to come soon.
Discussing the game would be pointless, since most likely you already know how it works. See the info below for Controls. Just one more thing needs to be said, Just like previous games from the series. Zombie Mission 5 can be played by two players. So good luck and have fun. Let us know if you liked the game.

How to Play

Player 1:
F for Action
W for Walk on the Wall
Q Switch Weapons
G for Grenade

Player 2:
Arrow Keys for MOVE
L for Action
Jump for Walk on the Wall
Q Switch Weapons
K for Grenade

Good Luck / Have Fun

Zombie Mission 5 Game
Zombie Mission 5, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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