Zombie Parade Defense 2

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About the Game

Zombie Parade Defense 2 - If you enjoy Tower Defense or any other type of defense games plus some zombie action. You really are a luck one!. This may well be one of the best defense browser games of 2020 and 2021.
Before we talk about the game and how it works, let tell you that you can play this game in 1p, 2p and even 3p. (see the info below for controls).
Now, lets talk about the game a bit. First thing you need to remember is that enemies come from the front as well as above; accordingly, you are going need weapons to kill zombies and flying zombies at same time whenever you get flying waves. pay attention to the air drops because without air drops you have 0 chance for survival. Air drops give you powerful weapons with limited ammo and you need to use them as efficiently as possible.
Other than that, there are plenty of upgrades and defenses you can buy (Left menu) as well as charge the static defenses (top menu). You gonna need to use everything in your disposal to survive. Good luck and Have fun.

How to Play

Move - WASD
Switch Weapon - Q
Enter Base - E

Move - Arrow Keys
Switch Weapon - .
Enter Base - L

Move - YGHL
Switch Weapon - T
Enter Base - U

Good Luck / Have Fun

zombie parade defense 2
Zombie Parade Defense 2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating