Zombie Parade Defense

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About the Game

Zombie Parade Defense 1 - Guys, just because we have a sequel to this game, doesn't mean you have to ignore the original Zombie Parade Defense 1 game. In fact, half of the players prefer the first game over its sequel.
If you're familiar with defense games in general, diving into the game wont be difficult for you. If you're new at the genre then here are the few tips you'll need to learn how to play the game.
You need to move Ur character everywhere where zombies coming from, that includes the building roof too. Speaking of building, defending it is your mission. The more zombies get past you, the less HP you are left with. Pay attention to air drops to pick up powerful guns, this is very important because you can only get weapons to shoot the flying enemies from the skies. Don't miss any power-ups, without powerups you wont survive for long.

How to Play

Move - WASD
Switch Weapon - Q
Enter Base - E

Move - Arrow Keys
Switch Weapon - .
Enter Base - L

Move - YGHL
Switch Weapon - T
Enter Base - U

Good Luck / Have Fun

Zombie Parade Defense 1 Game
Zombie Parade Defense, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating